Generis 2018 E-book CoverRisk is a major focus in most businesses today, regardless of industry. The Medical Device Industry is no exception; if the industry wants to improve patient outcomes, then we have to manage risk.

One of the largest categories of risk for an organization comes from third parties, our suppliers. Our global economy has added complexity to our supply chains making it increasingly important to reduce supplier risk. The length of our supply chains make it more difficult than ever to manage our suppliers, and in many cases, our suppliers’ suppliers. The plethora of regulatory requirements placed on Medical Device organizations, including the updates to ISO 13485:2016, reflect this reality.

This e-book addresses ways to reduce supplier risk in your organizations, and the role of Quality in that process. Read about:

    • Supplier Risk and its impact on Corporate Risk
    • The Medical Device regulatory landscape surrounding Supplier Control
    • Supplier Management processes that reduce risk and the critical role of Quality Management in those processes
    • Effective monitoring and measurement tools for Supplier Risk Management
    • The business benefits of an effective Supplier Management program


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