quality-management-analytics.jpgAnalytics have been identified as critical quality tools since the birth of process quality control nearly a century ago. The visionaries and early adopters of the last century could deliver differentiated quality with disciplined process quality control, paper control charts and the like.

Decades ago, early adopters of spreadsheets and other desktop tools could improve quality by expanding the scope of analytics to more processes and more frequent analyses, and generate reports at the individual engineer and plant level. And unfortunately, that is where many stopped.

Is your ogranization prepared for its next technological leap? Many organizations are stuck in decades-old technology approaches, generating inaccurate, dated, and disconnected analytics from siloed systems. Now is the time to set a high priority on improving quality management analytics.

In this white paper, LNS Research shares new research to help you begin or strengthen your quality analytics initiative, including:

  • A framework for the use of quality analytics that will evolve to include new metrics and data sources
  • Case studies and best practices of successful quality analytics initiatives
  • Actionable recommendations to help your organization get started quickly

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